Spor bahisleri nba

NBA – Amerikan – Kanada erkek ligi Ulusal ve Dünya Kupası ve Olimpiyat Oyunları gibi sporlar için önemlidir. BK MARATHONda Basketbol Sonuçlarına bahis yapın, çeşitli spor etkinliklerine yüksek oranlı bahisler yapın. NBA (Ulusal Basketbol Ligi) maçları için tahminleri okuyun NBA maçları için ücretsiz tahminler Reyting tahmincileri tarafından verilmektedir.

Bir bahis seçerken doğru kararı verirsiniz. VseProSport.ru web sitesinin uzmanları, tüm NBA haberlerini olabildiğince takip etmeye çalışıyor.

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12 Responses to Spor bahisleri nba

  1. Big Sack diyorki:

    It could have been a little longer but I get that the pistons are kinda interesting outside of jerami grant and josh jackson

  2. Emiola Yusuf Olalekan Zaid diyorki:

    Please why isnt the Entire scoring highlight covered.

  3. Chris diyorki:

    0:40 this is a funny sequence. Horton-Tucker interrupts the play when a Pistons player dribbles the ball off Tuckers foot, effecting a turnover. The ball goes down to Lebron under the basket for the easy slam, but Horton-Tucker is pointing to himself, like he should have been the one to make the easy deuce.

  4. Eric Smith diyorki:

    So you extend a fucking MAVERICKS game, bt NOT THE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS???

    • CCBN diyorki:

      @Eric Smith here is what makes sense. The last 2 lakers games that we extended where blocked by the nba a few times over. Rather than spend time extending a game on an 11 game night that would get blocked, we chose to provide an extended game that our community would be able to watch without it being taken down. We are a 2 man operation that is working hard to provide the best highlights possible. If you would like to provide feedback that would allow us to do extended highlights every night on every game, we are open to hearing it.

      Feel free to donate to the channel as well so that we can continue to grow. We appreciate your feedback. However we ask that you would also keep things balanced and keep this same energy when you see something you in fact like about us. Thanks for watching!

    • Eric Smith diyorki:

      @CCBN There not as long as THIS ONE Tho!!! And THATS AWESOME Sir, and I cant wait, bt still the fact remains. Wouldnt it have made more sense to extend a 2nd OT game, rather than just an ordinary one???

    • CCBN diyorki:

      Yes, did you catch the last 2 lakers extended highlights? All games will be extended come playoffs. Thanks for watching

  5. Paul Skidmore diyorki:

    Good game! Detroit made Lakers work for that win

  6. Perry Igwe diyorki:

    Fabulous game… thanks CCBN

  7. icantthinkofafunname diyorki:

    Good game but whats happend to your highlights. You used to do the best highlights on Youtube now theyre just short 10 minute videos like MLG and Ximo